Investment Plans

Cash Plan  
Saver's Plan  
EPF Plan  
Our Instituitional Unit Trust Advisers (IUTA) may not carry the complete range of Pacific Mutual's Funds. Investments made via our IUTA may be subject to different terms and conditions of the respective IUTA.

Cash Plan


You may invest by cash on a lump sum basis. The initial and additional investment must be a minimum of RM500 and RM100 respectively.

Saver's Plan


Our Saver's Plan helps you to invest a fixed sum of money every month. This saves you the hassle of timing your investment. With a constant investment amount, you will buy more units when prices are low and fewer units when prices are high. This can work out to your advantage and is known as the Ringgit Cost Averaging concept.

You may fix your own time frame for saving, starting with a minimum of five years. You may also determine your own monthly investment amount in multiples of RM100. Activate your own Saver's Plan anytime with two instalments, and let your bank remit the rest to us under standing instruction. (Not available for the Pacific Cash Fund and wholesale Funds). Now, with the Financial Process Exchange (FPX) Direct Debit Service, you can invest in our Funds by directly debiting your savings or current accounts into your unit trust accounts with Pacific Mutual#.

Under our Saver's Plan, you will receive an incentive to keep up this valuable discipline of saving consistently. Beginning with your 25th instalment, you will enjoy a 0.25% lower sales charge from the normal sales charge imposed by us for each future monthly instalment^.

# The FPX Direct Debit Service is subject to banking charges.
^ This benefit is not applicable to investments made via our Institutional Unit Trust Advisers (IUTA).

EPF Plan^


Eligible EPF members are allowed to withdraw part of their savings to invest through selected fund management institutions such as Pacific Mutual.

Eligible EPF members are allowed to invest in unit trusts up to 30% of the savings in excess of the Basic Savings in Account 1. Minimum investment per transaction is RM1,000 and eligible EPF members can invest every three months.

Example on how to calculate the eligibility for investment:

Account 1
Basic Savings (RM)Calculation:
30% of savings in excess of Basic Savings
30% (Balance in Account 1 - Basic Savings)
A 22 4,000 8,000 -
Not eligible
Balance in Account 1 is less than Basic Savings
B 22 9,000 8,000 30% (9,000 - 8,000)
= RM300
Not eligible
Investment amount is less than RM1,000
C 25 20,000 14,000 30% (20,000 - 14,000)
= RM1,800
Minimum investment amount RM1,000 and maximum RM1,800
D 45 130,000 116,000 30% (130,000 - 116,000)
= RM4,200
Minimum investment amount RM1,000 and maximum RM4,200

Below is a schedule for Basic Savings in Account 1 for the various age levels:

AgeBasic Savings
AgeBasic Savings
18 1,000 28 23,000
19 3,000 29 26,000
20 5,000 30 29,000
21 6,000 31 33,000
22 8,000 32 37,000
23 10,000 33 41,000
24 12,000 34 45,000
25 14,000 35 50,000
26 17,000 36 55,000
27 20,000 37 60,000
AgeBasic Savings
AgeBasic Savings
38 66,000 47 134,000
39 72,000 48 144,000
40 78,000 49 154,000
41 85,000 50 165,000
42 92,000 51 176,000
43 100,000 52 188,000
44 108,000 53 201,000
45 116,000 54 214,000
46 125,000 55* 228,000
Subject to EPF's terms and conditions. 
Those who are 55 years old and have passed their birthday are not eligible to invest using their EPF account. 

Please visit our EPF CALCULATOR to tabulate eligible investment amount.

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa, menurut Garis Panduan Institusi Pengurusan Dana Skim Pelaburan Ahli Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (dikemaskini pada 20 Jun 2013), Bahagian 14.0:
(a)  KWSP akan melepaskan kawalan ke atas pelaburan Ahli KWSP di IPD apabila:
        i)       Ahli KWSP mencapai umur 55 tahun; atau
        ii)       Ahli KWSP meninggal dunia dan waris membuat pengeluaran kematian; atau
        iii)       Ahli KWSP mengeluarkan simpanan di bawah pengeluaran meninggalkan negara; atau
        iv)       Ahli KWSP mengeluarkan simpanan kerana hilang upaya untuk bekerja; atau
        v)       Ahli KWSP mengeluarkan simpanan di bawah pengeluaran pekerja berpencen dan pengeluaran pesara pilihan.


Please be informed that according to the Garis Panduan Institusi Pengurusan Dana Skim Pelaburan Ahli Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (updated on 20 June 2013), Part 14.0:

(a)  EPF shall release its control on the members’ investments in the fund management institutions upon: 
        i)       The EPF member reaches age 55; or
        ii)       The demise of the EPF member and his/her beneficiary claims the monies; or
        iii)       The EPF member withdraws monies for the purpose of leaving the country; or
        iv)       The EPF member withdraws monies due to permanent disability; or
        v)       The EPF member withdraws monies under the pension scheme or the optional retirement scheme.