Why Pacific Mutual

Pacific Mutual Fund Bhd was incorporated in 1995 and is currently one of the leading investment management companies in Malaysia. Lion Global Investors Limited (formerly known as Lion Capital Management Limited) owns 70% equity interest in the share capital of Pacific Mutual and Koperasi Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Berhad owns the remaining 30%. Lion Global Investors Limited is a company incorporated in Singapore since 1986, and is a member of the Singapore OCBC Group of companies.The ultimate holding company of Pacific Mutual is Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, a public listed company incorporated in Singapore.

The principal activities of Pacific Mutual are the establishment and management of unit trust funds as well as the management of private investment mandates. We obtained our Capital Markets And Services Licence from the Securities Commission Malaysia since 21 December 2004.

From its roots of strong fund management expertise, Pacific Mutual has built up a tradition of applying full investment resources to ensure maximal returns on investors' funds while compressing risks.

Its reputation stems from a stringent compliance culture, fair business conduct, prudent risk management and quality service orientation which always puts investors' interests at the heart of all policy and operational decisions.

Pacific Mutual's Funds are distributed through Unit Trust Consultants in a nationwide network and through leading banking and financial institutions in Malaysia.

As at 30 September 2019, Pacific Mutual:
•  managed a total of 25 funds, including 11 global funds. The Funds are in the hands of an experienced Board of Directors and a prudent Investment Committee;
•  managed RM2.53 billion on behalf of its unit trust investors and private mandate clients; and
•  had a staff force of 60, comprising 52 management staff and 8 non-management staff.

Strong Parentage

Pacific Mutual Fund Bhd is a member of the OCBC Group and a subsidiary of Lion Global Investors.

The OCBC Bank group of businesses comprises a family of companies owned by Singapore’s longest-established local bank.

OCBC Bank is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912. Since the time of its founders, OCBC Bank has always understood the financial needs of its customers and developed financial solutions that meet their needs.

To address increasingly diverse needs across different communities and geographies, OCBC Bank has expanded and acquired businesses beyond the realm of commercial banking. OCBC Bank is consistently ranked among the World's Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance and has been named Best Managed Bank in Singapore and the Asia Pacific by The Asian Banker.

Lion Global Investors is one of the largest asset managers in Southeast Asia. Its core competency is in managing Asian equities and fixed income on behalf of institutional and retail investors worldwide. At end of 30 June 2019, Lion Global Investors managed S$56.6 billion (US$41.9 billion) on behalf of its clients.

Lion Global Investors’ investment capabilities, strong parentage and in-depth knowledge of Asian markets have contributed to its significant presence in Asia for over 33 years. This and being headquartered in Singapore – widely recognised as Asia’s leading financial hub – make Lion Global Investors the preferred investment partner in Asia for international investors.

:   www.ocbc.com/group
:   www.lionglobalinvestors.com

Our Corporate Vision

To be Malaysia's preferred investment management company.

Our Corporate Mission

•  We will provide investors with the highest return possible at minimal risk by being active, disciplined and research-driven in our investment management.
•  We will provide excellent services to satisfy the needs and expectations of our investors and distributors.
•  We will maintain a high level of professionalism among our staff and agents.
•  We will promote teamwork, innovation and mutual respect at all levels within the Company.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is aimed at providing investors with maximum returns at an acceptable level of risk by:
•  Applying an active investment management style that constantly monitors and reviews the market place for opportunities to invest in.
•  Being research-driven in our stock selection and disciplined in our asset allocation.
•  Diversifying our investments to create a well-balanced portfolio.
•  Adhering to the investment guidelines set by the regulatory authorities and the Investment Committee.

Our Roles And Responsibilities

The primary functions of Pacific Mutual are:
•  Investment functions which include:
    •  Conducting investment research.
  •  Determining a fund's investment strategy.
  •  Investing the assets of a fund.
  •  Reviewing a fund's portfolio and investment performance.

•  Administrative functions which include:
    •  Maintaining the unitholders' register.
  •  Valuation of portfolio and computation of the daily net asset value of a fund.
  •  Preparing a fund's financial statements, quarterly (applicable to wholesale funds only), interim and annual reports.
  •  Keeping proper records on unitholders' transactions.

Return/Risk Performance Track Record

Pacific Mutual aims to achieve highest return possible with minimal risk through prudent stock selection and asset allocation, as well as sound investment strategies. Therefore, the Funds are managed for both consistent and disciplined growth over time.

People Managing The Funds

Pacific Mutual's in-house fund management function has its foundation in the vast experience and reputation of the Investment Committee.

The Pacific Mutual's Investment team has been meticulously selected for their individual strengths and expertise in portfolio operations and management as well as for their impeccable professional standards.

The Investment Process

Pacific Mutual adopts a highly disciplined investment process by taking a team approach in decision-making and applying a consistent investment methodology to secure maximum returns for investors at an acceptable level of risk.

Client Service

Pacific Mutual provides regular information updates through publications such as the Close Watch and half-yearly Manager's Report. Seminars on investment and stock market outlook are conducted from time to time.

Innovative Products

As one of Malaysia's fastest growing unit trust management companies, Pacific Mutual offers an array of innovative unit trust funds to suit the needs of investors over a wide risk/return spectrum.