Investment Committee Members

The Investment Committee is responsible for setting and determining the investment policies/guidelines and strategies of the Funds. They meet on a quarterly basis to discuss investment strategies, asset allocation and stock selection as well as to review and monitor portfolio performance against benchmarks and guidelines.

The following seven persons are members of the Investment Committee for all Pacific Mutual's Funds, who also act in consultation with the Shariah Adviser on investment management matters relating to Shariah principles or Shariah-compliant Funds:

Olivier Jean Baudoin Marie Denis  Chairman

Adriel Loh Kuan Wui 

Tan Ai Chin 

Mohamed Rashdi Mohamed Ghazalli (Independent Investment Committee)

Martin Giles Manen (Independent Investment Committee)

Dato’ Yeoh Beow Tit (Albert) 

Tuan Syed Abdull Aziz Jailani Bin Syed Kechik